This Ad For Androids Has Brits Totally Freaked Out

It’s actually an ad for a new TV show called ‘Humans’ that airs on AMC later this year

People in Britain are totally freaked out by a 30 second ad for synthetic humans.

The ad is actually part of a campaign for a new Channel 4 show called Humans, which according to Ad Week will be a futuristic drama in the vein of the popular British show Black Mirror.

But the commercial that’s scaring everyone makes no mention of the TV show – instead it advertises a company called Persona Synthetics that promises to make androids that are “closer to humans than ever before.” After the ad aired, which shows a creepy, almost-human housekeeper named Sally folding sheets and putting children to bed, Persona Synthetics was Googled over 100,000 times, Ad Week reports. The site has been visited almost 500,000 times.

The commercial is part of a larger unconventional advertising campaign for the show by 4Creative, which includes a storefront in London and a fake auction on eBay where users could bid on a robot.

Humans will begin airing this year on AMC.


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