Awesome remote desktop apps for Android and iPhone that let you control your computer from anywhere

Have you ever wanted to control your computer’s media player application without having to leave the comfort of your couch? Or have you ever needed to access a document or an application on your computer while away from it? Sure you have, and you’re not alone. But these are the kind of cases remote desktop applications are made for, and with the help of one, you’ll never get caught unprepared.
In the slideshow below you’ll find some of the best remote desktop and remote control applications available on mobile devices. Some are made specifically to let you access your computer’s desktop from any point of the world, be it over a local connection or over the internet. Others are designed to emulate your PC’s mouse and keyboard, allowing you to control your computer from across the room. Then there are the remote control apps built with multimedia in mind. These can control your Media Player, Hulu, or Spotify application remotely for your convenience. Neat, huh? Check out these awesome remote desktop and control applications and let us know which one you like best.
Awesome remote desktop apps for Android and iPhone that let you control your computer from anywhere

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

If you’re a Chrome user, Google’s own Remote Desktop might be the app you should get for your remote access needs. Setting it up is a matter of installing the Remote Desktop extension in Chrome and downloading the mobile Remote Desktop app onto your smartphone.
Download: Android | iOS
Chrome Remote Desktop

2. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is another remote desktop application that we’d recommend. To set it up, you’re required to download both the TeamViewer app on your mobile device and the TeamViewer client on your Mac/Windows/Linux computer. Keep in mind that the software is only free for non-commercial purposes. If you plan on using TeamViewer for your company’s needs, you should obtain a license.

Download: Android | iOS | Windows Phone


3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Configuring Microsoft’s RD solution might be quite the process, but once you’re done, you should be enjoying a smooth remote desktop experience. Obviously, this software works on Windows PCs only.

Download: Android | iOS

Microsoft Remote Desktop

4. VNC Viewer

The guys at RealVNC know a thing or two about remote control software, which is why their mobile apps belong to this list. To configure your Windows/Mac/Linux/Raspberry Pi computer for use with VNC Viewer, you’ll have to download a client app onto it from the RealVNC web page in addition to the mobile app linked below. If you plan on using the app over the internet, you might have to configure your routers. Look for more information on RealVNC’s web page in case you get stuck at the latter step.

Download: Android | iOS

VNC Viewer

5. PC Remote (Beta)

This app is a bit different from the ones we’ve presented so far. It can be used as a remote desktop if needed, but it can also act as a remote for your multimedia apps like Spotify, Windows Media Player, or Netflix. In addition, it can double as a virtual keyboard and/or mouse. PC Remote is designed to work on Windows PCs only, and a client needs to be installed on the accessed computer for the software to work.

Download: Android | Windows Phone

PC Remote (Beta)

6. Unified Remote

This app works in a similar fashion. Just install the server app on your PC/Mac/Linux computer, grab the mobile app for your device, and enjoy the convenience of accessing your machine from anywhere. With Unified Remote you get remote desktop functionality, virtual keyboard and mouse access, as well as quick controls for your multimedia software.

Download: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Unified Remote

7. Swift Remote

And here’s another remote control app, this time made with multimedia controls in mind. It allows you to control a Windows PC from an Android device after installing the server software on the former. You can use Swift Remote to transfer files, to control apps like Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic remotely, to move the mouse cursor around, and more.

Download: Android

Swift Remote

8. Remote Mouse

And lastly, we give you Remote Mouse. As the name implies, it lets you control a Windows/Mac computer’s mouse cursor from an Android device, but it includes a keyboard as well. In addition, you get a remote control for Spotify and access to the computer’s multimedia controls.

Download: Android

Remote Mouse

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